Saw this message in my Maatram Core team WhatsApp group posted by one of our Core team member. This was a general chat my team member Saravana Manikandan S had with one of our alumni student Dhamo who recently got placed. Here is the verbatim transcript…
“Was just talking to Dhamo to check how is he doing and he said
“Anna inga yenga oorla rendu old age people kku Rs.1500 kuduthu help pannaen na” (Anna, I helped two old age people in my village. Gave them 1500 rs each)
Me – “Nee selavukku yevlo da vachurukka” ( How much do you have in hand for your expenses)
And he said – “Rs.1600 vachurukkaen na, indha month otiduvaen” (Anna…I have 1600 rs and I will manage this month with that)
He really is a true identity for Maatram ❤❤❤”
This boy Dhamo recently joined work and has pressing personal needs. If someone asks me who epitomises our Maatram value system 100 percent….it’s this boy without any doubt. Extremely rare to find someone like him keeping life simple, facing challenges with a smile and yet upholding his personal values high at all times. It’s not the placements or other success that gives us so much happiness….but it’s people like Dhamo and their stories which makes us feel proud. #MaatramFoundation

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