Tamilselvan is one of our visually challenged student pursuing first year BA English Literature in Sathyabama University. He had a very good score in 12th standard and working very hard to become an IAS officer. Everyone in our foundation including our guests/speakers were bowled over with his spirit and his applause throughout the 4 day event stood out and when asked why was he clapping so hard, he said – That’s his way of expressing his happiness. Tamilselvan was part of his college quizzing team which was in the finals and he helped the team crack three questions in the final round which helped them win the 2nd place. One of his teammate mentioned that it was only because of Tamilselvan that the team won the prize etc. That night he waited till 11.45PM and with the help of his friend found me in the venue and wanted to speak to me. This is what he said “Sir, my team won the prize purely because of the other two senior Anna’s in my team. They are giving me undue credit and I just wanted to let you know” – As he started walking towards his hostel, I was thinking in the world where people snatch away credit from team members, here is a kid who wanted to clarify that it was a team effort and he had a very limited role to play.
The next day there was DJ evening and again at around the same time, he came looking for me with another student and the moment he held my hands he said – Sujith Sir..Sujith Sir…Give me second. He puts his hand inside his pocket and pulled out a 2000Rs note and says “Sir, This is my share that I got from the Quiz prize that you presented yesterday. Can you please put it back into our Foundation account or give it to someone more deserving”. I just couldn’t believe what I just heard “Give it to someone more deserving” and where will I look for someone more deserving. It took me 10 minutes to convince him that he should keep the money for himself and finally he gave up not fully convinced.
The last day evening, he was waiting to meet me and this time he came with a girl who was his college senior. The moment he held my hands, he said “Sujith Sir, I brought some gifts for you and all our Core Team members and he puts his hand inside his bag again and pulled out a box full of pens and some National flags”. He requested if I can handed it over to all our core team members and as I was looking at him in awe, the girl who was accompanying him remarked “Sir…he is always like this. Whenever we meet him in college, he will give us chocolates and always carries stuff that he can give others”. Just then he asked me “Sir, can I meet your son Rohan…I have got something for him”. I called out for my son and just when he arrived, Tamilselvan held his hands gave him a small Ganesha idol and said “Rohan…I am so happy to meet you. Please study well and I heard you play Cricket. Do well and I will be cheering for you”. In all these conversations, I was only looking at him…his unconditional love for people, his approach towards life, his ability to see the positive side of life, his fighting spirit and the list goes on. He is one of our shining stars of Maatram and I have no doubt in my mind that this boy will achieve great things in life. Remember the name – Tamilselvan #Tamilselvan #MaatramFoundation

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