Here’s a quick update on some of our work during these trying times. Financial assistance has been provided to about 80 families till now in the range of Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 and few more families will receive their assistance in the coming few days. One girl sent us this message few days back “Sir, thank you so much. Its been 4 days since we ate rice and only today my mother managed to get rice from the ration shop. We were wondering what to do next and this money will be extremely useful to take care of my family. Thank you”. The reality on the ground is grim for the simple reason the poor don’t have the means to ask anyone unlike the flood situation where help came in quickly.
Ever since the lockdown was announced, for some strange reason our team was a little worried about the people in the hills…during a lockdown or a natural calamity, food supplies don’t reach the hills on time. We have been working with the Yercaud Youth Welfare Association – A group of dynamic youngsters, all natives of Yercaud who work with the poorest of the poor in the Yercaud hills. They are being mentored by my good friend Fr.Raj who has been of great support to Maatram Foundation. We decided to support few families in these tribal settlement and what started with few families, the list grew to about 500 families now. Thanks to many of you donors and to an angel (whom I will name later), we have mobilized groceries for these families, which are safely packed by our volunteers from the Youth Association under the supervision of none other than Mrs.Ramani -Thasildar herself before being distributed to the most deserving families. The packing happens at the Retreat Center in Yercaud before getting shifted to the families.
The pack includes Rice- 10 kg, Dhal, Oil, Turmeric Powder, Coriander powder, Dry Chilies, Biscuit & Rusk, Wheat flour, Maida & Vegetable bag.
These are some pictures sent by our volunteers on the ground and it’s heartening to see Mrs.Ramani leading the effort from the front. Wanted to thank each one of you for your support and Fr.Raj for giving us this opportunity . Trust me it doesn’t cost much to feed one family and needless to say – it’s been a very fulfilling day at work. Do keep the real heroes from the Yercaud Youth Welfare association in your prayers. #MaatramFoundation #YercaudYouthWelfareAssociation #Covid

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