I was conducting the final round of interviews last weekend and as it’s customary we get the candidate on a video call to do the face to face interview. The girl candidate had scored a score of 534/600 and took the call from a small thatched roof house from a remote village near Pudukottai. After the initial questions, I told her “You have a very good score and hence Iam going to give you the option to choose the college from our list. Where you do you want to study and choose your specialization”…without any hesitation she said “Sir, getting into the Indian Army is my goal. Please put me in any college where the NCC is strong. Iam good with studies and I will cope up anywhere”.
For a minute I thought if this kid was speaking out of enthusiasm and on the other end, I was very happy to hear what she said. I wanted to be sure of what I heard because many a times, parents have different plans. I asked the girl to get her parents on the screen. Both her parents came up and her mother was the first to speak with folded hands even before I could start “Sir, it’s my daughter’s dream to get into the Army and we as parents fully support her decision. She is our only daughter and nothing will give us more happiness than to see her in the uniform. Please give her a seat where she can prepare well to get into the Army”.
In all the interviews that we conduct, a huge majority Wil always ask “Sir…how is the placement? Will you help in placement? Can you give this particular college? I have a girl child and can’t send her too long etc..” while these parents were a class apart. There are some moments when you feel overjoyed of admitting a student into your family and these parents gave us that feeling. We admitted her into Maatram Foundation with so much pride..Parents like these are a blessing to kids and even in extreme poverty it’s not the money or a stereotyped career which matters but their daughter’s dream which is placed ahead of everything. #MaatramFoundation

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