Some messages/calls lifts up your spirit and sometimes gives you goosebumps. It was a busy Sunday morning with the last few rounds of admission interviews when I received this as a WhatsApp message from one of our student. Given the current situation, I thought it was a request for some student to pay school fees as we keep getting them quite often. In few mins my phone rang and it was one of my student Naveen on the line. I picked up the call and this is how the conversation went…
Naveen – Hello sir, how are you doing. My internship is going great and Iam learning a lot in the last 3 months. Wanted to share an update with you..
Me – That’s good to hear Naveen. Glad to hear you are doing good and do well in your Internship. Wanted to check on the fee receipt that you had shared…what is it all about?
Naveen – Sir, if you remember our foundation has sent Rs 5000 for the first few months of the lockdown. My mother had asked me to keep aside the money once I start earning no matter what ever struggle we go through. I had kept this money to try and give it back to some kind of sponsorship through our foundation but just then, I came across this case where a student in my street was unable to attend classes without paying his fee. I decided to use the money to pay fees for this student knowing fully well that you will be happy. My mother wanted to check with you but I just went ahead. Trust it’s ok sir. I just forwarded the receipt to you.(It was only then I realized that the receipt said – Paid which I completely missed)
Me – Completely thrilled I asked – How much do you get paid during your Internship
Naveen – Sir, I get 18000 Rs…
I can’t express what I went through – It was a feeling of joy & fulfillment. Iam not sure even if any top placements would have given me so much satisfaction…I was in awe of this young man’s act and the upbringing of his parents. Remember he has just started to earn only for the last few months and his needs are huge…yet he had this big heart to give a huge portion of his salary to educate someone in need. This is true Maatram that we are proud about…more than the degree or placements, we are super proud of students like Naveen who turn out to be great humans with character and that matters the most. This guy just made my day #MaatramFoundation #Gratitude #Bigheart

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