There were a lot of questions from our well wishers and friends – Are you admitting students this year? How will the verification happen? Are colleges giving seats this year? What happens to the face to face interviews you guys conduct?…Well we had the same set of questions in our mind and we decided, come what may we will not compromise on the process.
The workload on our teams have increased 3 times more…After 2 rounds of detailed telephonic verification, our 3 member panelists are now conducting interviews on all weekends spending quality time. The students have to attend the interview with their parents and an additional round with their teachers where ever possible. The process is time consuming but extremely rewarding. Iam meeting every student one to one before they are admitted into our partner colleges. As always the experience has been mind boggling.
One student was taking this interview with a very strange background that didn’t look like her house. When enquired she says “Sir, Iam taking this interview from our village temple. This is the only place where I get good mobile signal plus Iam very confident when I do things from here”. Another student was struggling to hold the phone in the correct angle and our panelist just couldn’t see his face properly. Just then his younger brother walked in, set the mobile phone up and said “Sorry for the trouble,my brother is visually challenged” and till then our panelist had no clue. This candidate grit and confidence was simply amazing.
Might sound a bit strange to many…there are so many cases of students who have managed to score decent marks without having teachers for critical subjects like Maths, Accounts, Chemistry and in some schools for a combination of subjects. Before attempting to implement the National Educational Policy, I think it’s very important that the authorities look at fulfilling the basic hygiene factors immediately which is teachers for all subjects in Govt schools. One teacher who was attending the interview with her student said “Sir, Iam PG Physics teacher and I try my best to help these students with Maths but nothing like having a full-time Maths teacher. Otherwise my students are extremely hard working and they just need opportunities”. Our admission process is always like attending a spiritual retreat…you get to learn so much from these students, their hunger to achieve great things in life and most importantly their attitude and fighting spirit. Its going to be a long drawn process but we have no reasons to complaint. Special thanks to our panelists who give us quality time every weekend. The one with smiley faces are students attending interview this year. #MaatramFoundation #Admissions2020

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