Three years back when I met Soumya during our Maatram Interview process, I asked her “You live 70 Kms away from the college where I can give you a seat and unfortunately there is no hostel in this college, how will you manage travelling 140 Kms every day”. She didn’t hesitate a bit and was quick to respond “Sir, I have to study and this distance doesn’t matter. Trust me I will give it my best”. I must confess that I admitted her with a bit of reluctance thinking she might drop out but still took a chance. Soumya lives in a place called Thirukalukundram near Chengaplet and she was given admission in Dr.MGR Janaki college in Adyar since we didnt have any partner college closer to her residence 3 years back.
She has to change 3 buses every day and she will travel by a bus from Thirukalukundram to Mahabalipuram and take the second bus from Mahabalipuram to Thiruvanmiyur and finally a bus from Thiruvanmiyur to her college. The travel by itself was gruelling and she would reach home everyday around 8.30 pm. Soumya was a girl with tremendous attitude and grit. Her focus was to somehow get placed in an IT organization and wanted to give a break to her dad who was working as a call driver. In this pandemic crisis he is out of job for the last 6 months and the family was struggling to make ends meet and that’s when the pleasant news of Soumya’s placement came this morning. Soumya is placed in Infosys and when she shared her offer letter today, I literally jumped out of my chair for the simple reason that it’s a reward for her sacrifice and focus she had all these years. Along with Soumya we have one more of our girls Jeevitha also placed with Infosys whose father works as a Tailor. Iam super excited to have two of my own students as professional colleagues at Infosys. This morning when I spoke to her I told Soumya “Look, you have been travelling 140 Kms every day and post your training if you get placed at Infosys Mahindra city, it’s just few kilometres from your residence”. As expected she just responded “Yes sir….that will be good”.
During this pandemic when news of job loss and placements going down etc….this news was a silver lining and Iam sure this news will motivate many more of our students. Both Soumya and Jeevitha are joining Infosys on November 17th, 2020. Can’t wait to see them in my office #MaatramFoundation

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