We at Maatram Foundation reached a very important milestone last weekend. Extremely delighted to let you all know that we admitted our 1000th student into Maatram Foundation last weekend and its indeed a moment to cherish. Way back in 2013 – On a hot summer afternoon, when the spark to educate one girl child occurred in Madurai, never in my wildest dreams did I think we will have 1000+ students under our family.It’s nothing less than a miracle – A dream come true moment and all this was possible in less than 7 years. First thing first – None of this is even remotely possible but for the benevolence of our partner colleges & management who trust us completely and offer full scholarship to students identified by our foundation. We cherish this partnership and remember them and their families in our daily prayers. We say this in every forum that the actual help is not coming from Maatram but from our partner colleges. Many heroes come in the form of volunteers spread across age groups based in different cities and countries. They are always the first to offer help from referring students, background verifications, at times offering financial help on need based requests and the list goes on. Special thanks to our recruiters, our partner companies which provide internships to our students, our training partners who train our students on weekends. From Day one – we had Big FM partner with us for our radio promotion and it has continued for the last 8 years- Special thanks to them. Many of our media friends who carried our message voluntarily with a single goal that good stories needs to be told – We can’t thank you enough.
One fine day I got a call from my good friend Surendran, CEO of Success Gyan and asked me – “What’s your operational cost every month”. I roughly calculated and gave him a number and he said “Our company Success Gyan will take care of that cost henceforth and that’s not your headache anymore”. Suren – you will always be our first Corporate CSR partner and thanks a bunch for all the help. This was the time when we were growing and even before we felt the pinch, help came our way through Suren. My rock solid core team at Maatram & their families – These are a bunch of superhumans who I get to work with. They share the same passion and are seldom known outside….but for their effort and passion, I don’t think we would have reached this significant milestone in under 7 years.Many of this team are known to me for the last several years and they are the backbone to Maatram. And lastly my beloved children at Maatram Foundation & our alumni. They get the best out of us, they make us better human beings and teach us what life is all about. In the last 7 years the learning that we have received from these 1000+ children is as good as reading 1000 self help books. They motivate us to do more. As we reach this important milestone, do keep us in your prayers and root for us as always. A big thank you to all of you my dear friends.
P.S – If someone has a doubt of starting something – I would say, just go for it and go with the flow without compromising on your core value. The universe will surprise you and connect all the dots to reveal a masterpiece. #MaatramFoundation #1000admissions #Thankyou

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