We recently shifted our foundation office and in the process of setting up we were looking for a Housekeeping person. A friend of mine who used to work in a popular pre-school as a teacher referred a lady HK staff who lost her job in the school due to Covid 19. We decided to appoint her and looks like she went and shared the news with few others in her group. Guess what – We received a message from my friend which was heartbreaking. From the same school, 5 assistant teachers were checking with my friend if they can be recommended for the Housekeeping job as they were unable to manage their families with no income. I didn’t know how to react – These are graduates and they might not hold B.ED etc…They worked in the school assisting the main teacher and to see them being pushed to this extent was extremely worrying. Amongst the many other folks working in Hotels/ Call taxi drivers etc who have lost jobs or pay cuts, teachers in private schools and colleges are one of the worst hit. Its sad that when our children get back to school…we might not find a good number of them. This covid economic crisis is a vicious cycle and its real….people around us are suffering in silence. They don’t know where and how to ask help…its a bit strange for them as well. We cannot come out of this unless each one of us play our part.This festive season will be a silent affair in many homes…lets try and bring happiness in a small way to those around us. #covideconomiccrisis

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