EduAssist 2016

19th June

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“What good can come of a random conversation with a stranger for a minute when you think there is something more than what meets the eye. Well, it has the potential to change someone’s life forever and that’s exactly what everyone did! Maatram Foundation completed (well almost) our final phase of interviews this Sunday and so excited to share that over 100 meritorious children from underprivileged background have been successfully given admissions for their higher education of choice. Each kid that we met had a story of her/his own. An ambition on why they want to do what they wanted to do. They are now all set to take on their dreams, from becoming a civil engineer to give their parents a shelter to live under, an IAS officer who wants to take on the evils of alcohol addiction, to someone who wanted to study a course that will fetch more money in the shortest time possible so he can get his parents out of misery.”