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We are so grateful for your gesture. Your donations will be used to help students who can’t afford to pay for their add-on educational expenses, procure books to build library and other special projects that happen through the year.

You are the very reason for our existence and our kids who have achieved excellent results need your benevolence to have a change in their lives through education. Our partners provide free education including hostel facilities for outstation candidates and transport facilities for non-residential students.

Our kids have great passion and strong will to succeed. We are looking for mentors who can be their sounding board to help them see various perspectives. You’ll be their first point of contact when they are in need of advice or to regularly check up on them to monitor their progress. Our mentors are hand-picked and undergo a mentorship training program to be fully equipped to handle the needs of our students. And of course, we are always there to help you,

There is nothing more that can brighten a kid’s day than a fresh read and we love to see them experience the joy of reading! If you have books that are in great condition that you’d like to share to be a part of a library, we will be very happy to have them.

Are you looking to create a positive impact in your neighborhood? Setting up a library would be a great way to start. If you know of a place that buzzes with kids in need of a library, give us a shout and let’s build a library together.

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